Are you trying to be vegan? Here are easy ways to begin

Leena Torres
3 min readDec 31, 2021

Veganism has gained a huge momentum in the past decade. And the rate that it is progressing with tells us only one thing that in the coming few years, this movement is going to be larger than ever. Yes, movement. Veganism is a movement that opposes animal agriculture. It is also a movement to support environment wellbeing. But for some, it’s just a lifestyle choice. They like being vegan that allows them to explore organic foods, because they can explore healthy eating options.

Besides, this, there are people who are not vegan but they like eating vegan food because it gives them chance to expand their food choices. Vegans today are trying to indulge meat eaters into mock meat or vegan meat options. This is one of the reasons why veganism has become acceptable than before. Meat eaters can have the same taste, texture, and experience of eating meat without having to kill animals. Sure, the taste is not exactly the same. But vegan meat options keep getting better and better.

If you are trying to be vegan or want to explore vegan food options, then here are a couple of things that you can do.

  1. Look up vegan influencers

One of the toughest parts about transitioning to a vegan lifestyle and to eat plant-based foods is you do not know many recipes. Plus, the stigma around vegan foods is that they only comprise of vegetables, they are bland, and there are no junk food options. Well, if you follow the right vegan food bloggers, then they will help you burst these myths. You can make all kinds of delicious food with plant-based ingredients. You can make it healthy, junk, or a bit of both. And these vegan food bloggers will tell you how to do that. As an Indian, when I wanted to explore some vegan options just for fun, but I wanted some desi options, these Indian food bloggers were of a big help.

2. Start small and slow

When you are trying to become vegan, don’t be hard on yourself. Start with little things and go slow. One of the problems that people face when they are switching to plant-based diet is they don’t really know how to cook them or how to make them. Like for instance, you can switch from paneer to tofu. But if you don’t know how to cook it the right way, you might not like it and then you may feel like never trying it again. But, don’t give up so soon. Gradually transition, learn to cook, and eventually, you will fall in love with vegan foods.

3. Stock up on vegan ingredients

When you want to become vegan, your grocery shopping habits are going to change too. Buy plant-based products or get ingredients that can help you make vegan food. For instance, you can stock up on soy beans to make soy milk, or almonds to make almond milk. Make sure that you are diverse with your choices otherwise you might lose interest.

Just these three ways can help you explore veganism in a positive way. No matter, what your goal is, you can enjoy vegan food without having to compromise with your taste.